Thursday, August 27, 2015

2D/3D First Assignment

Oh the humanity!
Everything is so surreal, so UNREAL...engine that is! Classes has begun and the world is slowing connecting towards it's final destination: to be a part of the world of Game Artists, and there's so many types! 

Though, before I get into a tangent about how awesome things are so far, I think it is high time that I show off some of my screenshots for our assigned homework.

First off! A CANON! *shoots fire crackers*

Nothing to special as of yet, I suppose. Done in Autodesk Maya 2016 in two short sittings. But one of the best challenges I have had to date: model in low poly in order to place into a Game Engine. Doesn't that sound neat?

Just some close ups above, with and without the mesh. It's pretty simple procedure, though I was really looking forward to the next part~
BAM! Look at the Unreal Engine. Doesn't it look so neat and clean? And that main hero, woa, so tall. Either that or my canons are just tiny. I'll go with the prior. The guy is approximate 6 ft tall, and my canons are about 3.5 ft long.
The textures here was just playing around with the engine. They had some metal presets that I decided to add to see how it would look. Kinda cool, though I think something home made would look better than something defaulted.