Monday, February 29, 2016

The world is now

Still going 'round
Just feel it pound
We're skyward bound
Move at the top-speed-of-sound

This week was devoted to make modular vehicles for our team's capstone game. Everyone had to make at least 4 different versions of these vehicles that fits within the world you are developing. We also cannot repeat what another teammate was working on. So, I worked on land based mounts, more specifically lizard base. There wasn't a variety of types of man-made vehicles one could ride, so an animal was the closest thing to a vehicle Ley Lines was going to have. 

These guys don't have a species name, and I'm not sure they will get one, but essentially to ride them would be similar to that of a horse. Their saddle is simply a blanket that the rider will sit on, and they will still have the halters so the riders can lead them to the correct path.

All of them were modeled in Maya, though I had to spruce up the model in Photoshop since the Toon Shader did not come out with a clean look due to their smooth appearance. Either way I still had to give them some basic color to indicate some variety in their color pallet. Kinda just winged it there, to see what would work.

That's it for now.

Soon is Spring Break, and a much needed break.

Until next time~

Sunday, February 21, 2016

We Can Make You Better

Give you abilities that most men only dreams of.
We can give you the power of...Ley Lines~

Hey guys, more stuff to post up. Personally don't think these will be the best work ever as Environments aren't exactly my forte. But here we go anyway~!

This weeks assignment for 2D/3D is to create a small modular kit (quick models, nothing too fancy, just to throw down some ideas) and use those same models to redesign the same room, three times. Now, the one I decided to shoot towards the Main Chamber, the very one that leads towards the first tear of the boss fight. To an extent, I also think it might be a room of prayer for those who guarded the place long ago. I'm only going to focus on one part of that room, and not worry about all of the possible tears it may have.

To further play with that idea, the first room concept I made was a more traditional, in a sense, format for a prayer room which also has a curving staircase that leads to another room. If I was able to get the effects to work properly, there would be energy beams coming out of the crystal in the center and meaning upward, the staircase circling around it.

Version One.

 I added different snap shots to emphasize certain angles, that I thought were important. Such as the crustal in the middle of the room. Which would serve as the main crystal people would pray to. Since we all know in any form of civilization, humans tend to worship what is considered their god, which, in this case will be the Creator, the world, Miria.

This single, center, aspect of worship was inspired by essentially most forms of religion today. One shrine in particular that I thought of was the Shrines in Japan.

For example:

There's that pathway that leads to the main portion of worship, and pillars as 'decoration' of the holy site. I wanted to show that in at least one aspect of the room to illustrate their tie to the mystical, to Miria herself by how the main room, her 'heart' is constructed. 

Next up, is another version of  the same room. I still played around with the 'worship' of crystals, but I made it more towards a systematic, mirrored sense. Things are in balance and are the same on both sides.

Version Two.

I wanted to go for something that was extremely repeated, mimicked just to get a visual feel of how that would look and feel. It is somewhat reminiscent of some modern day architecture or even interior design of homes. 
For example: 

Of course, it doesn't go into that extravagant detail as these are supposed to be basic mock up ideas. I wanted to focus on the overall look of how it would have been before the destruction. 

Anyway, time for the last one! -throws confetti-

This one I didn't really reference anything, just went with the flow and kinda meshed what I was already looking at for the previous two designs.

Version Three.

Yay~! And here's the third beauty. You can tell the running theme I like the most: stairs. I just love seeing stairs in games, not sure why. I really like it when they are all curvy and what not, makes it look spiffy. Anyhoo, that is all for this week's assignment. Only other comment to make is the sheer difficulty I'm having with Maya lately. Constant freezing, lagging, and even saving my renders so dark that it looks like I had no lights. When I did. I had to spruce them up in Photoshop to fix the problem, however the second set seems to still be way too dark. Any more tampering and it turned into a blurred mess.

Ah well, better luck next time, right? Until next time~

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Poisonous Creatures

Watch out for that venom!
Not that these guys are venomous to say the least. But they will give you a bad time for sure. 
Another post, another update. This time some final renders for the very three (3) that was chosen last week. Now, I do know that I did not change them all to much. I worked with adding more crystals to have more of that corruption look these guys are supposed to have. Being engorged with mystical crystal power would do this sort of change to awesome once normal looking insectoid creatures. 
Either way! Here are some monsters~

Kinda played on colors, while playing around with the Moebius style of artwork.

Gradients are fun, hash marks...not so much. I think most of my time was spent doing linework. All and all, I think I'm done with this one. I really don't want to work on these sculpts any longer.

Let us move on to something else~

Next assignment should be something about environments. Or procedural mock ups. Something along those lines. Until next time~

Monday, February 8, 2016

Wait...what's that?

A Challenger has arrived!
Hey guys! More and more updates, and it seems like this one is a fun little doosy.
For class, it appears that we have to make final renders of our concept sculpts for our individual games. The catch is, however, is that we can only do three (3) out of the twelve (12) sculpts we've done so far. Now, as relieving as that sounds, it is still rather difficult to choose only three. Lucky me that Nick was all to kind choose two out of the three designs. 
Now it is time for the lucky draw. Which one has made it through? And which has been cut?  
And the winners are! 
Drum Roll Please! 
K, D, and I
Can the lucky winners come on down!

Three very different enemies have been chosen for me to bring it closer to completion. Though, for what we are aiming for, for the final game they are already very close towards that end. I do know they will be needing much more crystals for it to match that corruption look that we are aiming for, so that is a start. Time to add some more.

Only thing, on concept D, the 'Art Director' hates seeing the horn. I know it is personal preference, but having a horn is fun. He can attack with that thing. But then again, I understand that it makes the head a little too heavy. Perhaps I can make it different by getting the sculpts closer to the accepted drawn design that was done for Common Core. Who knows. I don't. I never plan these things.

Fun part shall be the painting. Hopefully I don't spend too much time sculpting and limit the amount of time needed for the painting detail. I think it will be a lot easier that way.

Anyway. time to work on some more sculpts and make them appear much more menacing and insect like. That should be a blast.

Monsters Galore!

So many sculpts! So little time!
Time for more updates, and not one that's all too special yet.
This time, class requires to play around with Mesh Inserts. Now, having already so many polys in ZBRush, the program wasn't exactly enjoying that little concept too much. Buuut, after hours worth of ZRemesher, I was finally able to adding Crystals (my mesh insert).  
Now that I think about it, I probably could have added even more. Though, as it stands now, it has a good basis towards what the team was deciding for the main boss.

First up, a painted over version of my previous render. Due to time, I decided to focus more on the hash renderings over the cell shaded look (something we were thinking of trying to implement in the full game) as well as highlighting the Crystals, eyes and mouth. Since these parts are the main sections that will obviously show a change, I thought it would be a good idea to color those and leave the body the basic color. 

Painted Additions of previous ZBRush Rendering. Let's make those crystals shine!
ZBrush Rendering. Let's show off that line work!