Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stronger Than You

Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able

Guess you've figured now that mercy's off the table

Hey guys!

Time for more updates, and this time it's 12 Body Variant Sculpts for the 1st Main boss for Leylines.

The idea was to try and play around with the look and gear away from making it look too safe, keep him intimidating, however simple so segments can be repeated when needed (he's supposed to be a never ending serpent-like centipede thing).

Even though this is for 2D/3D homework as well as our Capstone game, wanted to explore some other possible designs for this guy. Some having a more serpent feel, rather than insect. Either way, it's going to be loads of fun to play around some more during the next phase of the assignment.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Get a Load of This!

You're not going to get away with this!

Away from seeing some sculpts that is. Hey guys, it's that time again, and this time I get to show off some sculpts! *throws confetti* 

This here are 4 body type concepts for the 2D/3D course that is also tied into some fun concepts for a possible Main Boss for the Capstone game: LeyLines. Woo!

Now, the reason I have two images here is because I couldn't choose between the two shader styles when I rendered them. SkinShader4 is commonly used for clean renders, though it seems some of the smaller details gets lost with that one. While the second one I enjoyed more since it looked more like a drawing, a style we were thinking about trying to implement in our 3D game.

So of course the second image is my personal favorite, especially with how simplistic these monsters look. It just has a greater pop to them in my opinion. But, I guess I will see when class starts. xD

4 Body Type Sculpt. Main Boss Concepts. SkinShade4 Material.
4 Body Type Sculpt. Main Boss Concepts. MatCapPearlCavity Material.

Anyway! Enjoy!

Next will be to make 3 variants of each body type, leaving a whopping 12 character concepts to play with. Yowza!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let's Get Down to Business!

To Control...the World!

Hey guys!
More work to be posted, though nothing to special. Just a reposing in ZBrush for homework.

I guess it came out alright. Had quite a few problems along the way (mostly ZBrush crashing or doing very strange things), but I think it came out okay. Only time will tell when class starts later today. c=

For now, just look at this lizard person trying to look...interesting.

Pose Screen Capture. Zbrush.

In class rendered posed character sheet, ZBrush Rendered. 

This is only one part of the assignment. Next will be to do the same thing...but in Maya and transferring it over into ZBrush to render it onto the High Res Mesh. I think I'm going to like that one a little more.

Looks like everything is complete now. It was so much more fun to pose using Maya with the Weighted Skeleton. Once imported into ZBrush, only had to do very minor tweaks here and there to give it that perfect High Res look. 
I wanted to put up the stand, but it got misaligned heavily and when attempting to put it back together, strange things happened. So, I settled for this guy only. I think it came out pretty nicely.  
11x17 Character Pose Sheet.
Character Sheet, Maya to ZBrush render

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fun Times With Photoshop!

Welcome back everyone!
It's the new year and time to fly back into the realm of games. Woo-hoo!
Now, as homework starts to slowly be added to our steadily increasing work flow, and the want to actually post something up once again on my blog increases, I decided to bring forth what I started working on the Friday before classes began. It's not done, however so far this one is rather fun to work on.

For those of you who play Skyrim and know of the species in this game, and played the variety of quest lines available for the player, you already know about the Werewolf transformation as well as the Argonian Species. Now, when you put those two species together (a mammal and a humanoid lizard), they don't really match. Since I play as an Argonian Female, I found it strange that she transformed into a standard werewolf like any of the other races. However it was quite hilarious to me. A reptile turns mammal in the moonlight, and is the only one in that Circle who is a reptile that can. So, I started thinking: What would she REALLY look like if she were to turn into a were creature. So, I'm playing around with the idea.

Now, what I have currently is still just a sketch. I want to add quite a bit more, however this will be added after I do the nice and pretty shading that always gives things that nice pop. Much like what we have done in Drawing Fundamentals last semester. Either way, this will be a fun experiment and a test of how much I enjoy drawing monsters as well as staying true to that realm.

Now enjoy the video. It would probably look much better on YouTUBE, so feel free to go straight there as well.

Anyway, I will be posting many more things as times goes on. Mostly progress reports and comments on how awesome things are going. Woo~