Friday, March 25, 2016

So much texture. So wow.

Substance Designer A-go-go!

Hey guys, time for more updates. -throws confetti- 

This week is all about Substance Designer. Never used it before, but it was surprising a blast to use. Pretty straight forward and quick to use once you know the interface. Pretty similar to how you work with textures in the Unreal Engine. 

Side notes, happy accidents are fun. 


I played with so much and it looks like a mess here on the map. Not too bad, actually.
I wanted something simple to play with, and have that itty bitty bit of illusion that this here armor would look the way it should.

Note, These are two separate models together. The main torso piece, and the shoulder armor and light is another modeled piece. Safely combined together using Designer in such an easy way. Would like to try and see if I can use Designer with the Capstone Game. May make it a lot easier to work with. Very fast to render out high res sculpts and it's really accurate.