Monday, June 27, 2016

Am I so beautiful...

...That you've no words left?

The time is finally here! Midna and all of her beautiful glory! 
Now I have had a lot of fun and headaches with this assignment. Not only was this my first human model, but also first time making cloth and quite complex designs on the maps as well. Regardless, this was a great test and practice for me. I wanted to learn how to make a human model, the entire process, and I think it came out great!

KeyShot Render w/Photoshop Modifications

With the Keyshot render, there was some odd things that happened when I rendered the model with Ryo. The textures for the mirror refused to show up, so for this version, we decided to make it come out like a stand instead. It's rather unfortunate that the mirror did not read at all. Would have made a cool look bellow her feet had it done so. 

UE4 In Game Screen Shot


And here are some screen capture, and video, of the Unreal Engine version of my model. I'm hoping to get the model up on Sketchfab too so it can link to my ArtStation account. Let's hope that comes out well. Fingers Crossed.

Until next time. 

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