Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Light and Shadow cannot mix..

Never forget that there's another world bound to this one. 

Hey guys! Time for another update, and one way past over due. 

In case it was forgotten, I am trying to recreate True Form Midna from Twilight Princess into a beautiful 3D Sculpt, along with Gameres Mesh and a marvelous pose. Now, what is completed at this stage is the sculpt. Something that took far longer than I previously anticipated (was far harder than I had imagined doing all of her pieces and just getting her face just right.

Anyway! For your viewing pleasure, below is one of many reference photos that I am using to create this awesome heroine.  

And now, take a gander of my version of her beauty~! Though, I did make some alterations to her design. Very small alterations. It's more about the positioning of things and some of the details were "changed" to the extent of bringing them forward more than the textures that were shown in the original game model. 

Now, on to the gallery of pictures!


I think she's coming along nicely~! Currently working on her game res mesh, resurfacing it so it can fit that higher quality that Nintendo hits now with their models. Hopefully, I can continue making her look amazing even through that step.

Until next time!

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